bookmark_borderJuly 11 update

I had time to do a lot of behind the scenes heavy lifting, and the current site looks much better than the version that was available 24 hours ago.  Most notably:

  • Use of CSS on all pages now; hooray!  Things look crisper and cleaner.
  • Under the hood leveraging’s templating system and template inheritance.
  • Fixed a bug where relative links weren’t working properly from the main page if we weren’t rooted at /.  e.g. the beta site is rooted at /beta, but relative links were working against /, causing lots of issues.
  • Fixed an issue serving up static content (i.e. CSS).

I’ve managed to migrate all of the old functionality to templates, which will make long term maintenance easier.  In the coming weeks I’ll be focusing on additional features, including starting work on a de-facto API.

bookmark_borderHello, and welcome.

This blog, as time permits, will plot the progress of this new project I’m starting up: The Dividend Database.

Over the years I’ve been focused as a dividend investor.  In fact, I have a blog about investing in general, at Dividend Gangster.  As part of researching companies, I often had to pull together dividend information to see which companies were the best dividend performers.  It is true that you can get this information elsewhere, from sites such as the TSX, the company websites themselves, or other providers.  But what I found in my search was that:

  • Sometimes the data had been manipulated; e.g. only the split adjusted values were available
  • Data only went back so far
  • Data was all over the place
  • Sometimes when companies changed, their dividend history shifted; this was especially true for companies who converted from a corporation to a trust, and then back again
  • Worst of all: a lot of great information was behind a paywall

So over the years I’ve cobbled together a lot of information, and I figured others could use it as well.  Hence, this project.  An added benefit is that I am using this as a bit of a testing ground for my own python development, so things may change over time.

The data isn’t always up to date. The companies I am actively invested in our updated regularly, but other companies that I’ve only looked at in passing aren’t always updated.  But with this coming online–albeit in beta–I’ll be looking at ways to close gaps and make things more current.

I hope you’ll find some use for this project.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.