July 11 update

I had time to do a lot of behind the scenes heavy lifting, and the current site looks much better than the version that was available 24 hours ago.  Most notably:

  • Use of CSS on all pages now; hooray!  Things look crisper and cleaner.
  • Under the hood leveraging web.py’s templating system and template inheritance.
  • Fixed a bug where relative links weren’t working properly from the main page if we weren’t rooted at /.  e.g. the beta site is rooted at /beta, but relative links were working against /, causing lots of issues.
  • Fixed an issue serving up static content (i.e. CSS).

I’ve managed to migrate all of the old functionality to templates, which will make long term maintenance easier.  In the coming weeks I’ll be focusing on additional features, including starting work on a de-facto API.

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